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Reduce Operational,
Financial And
Reputational Risks

We are Cyber Security and Risk Consultants

Our Approach


We highlight where security measures make the most impact


We put controls in place to address security vulnerabilities


We work with you to regularly monitor and reassess your security risks

How Can We Help You


How do you go about deciding what the right course of action is for you? Where can you make the most impact with the least resources? Our assessment process is the first stage in providing you with clarity on this and gives the basis for meaningful discussion on what will be best for your business going forward. Often an enlightening exercise, our assessment report will highlight to you, in simple language and traffic-light colouring, your current security position.


Now that you have a clear picture of the current situation, what actions are to be taken? What can be done quickly and what will take a bit more planning? Our Remedy phase is where controls are put in place to address the weaknesses identified by the assessment. By following this approach, you know that resources are being spent effectively and laser-focused on the risks that really matter to you.


Threats to your business never stand still. What wasn’t a risk today can be a risk tomorrow and it’s important to avoid the false sense of security you get by doing a one-off exercise. We work with your business, as an extension to your management team, to continually reassess, update and manage your security risks, driving you forward to a security posture that matches your risk appetite and compliance requirements.

Our Expert Team

David Tawse - Director

David Tawse

Director of Nimbus Blue and Nimbus Red

Andy Turner - Security Consultant

Andy Turner

Technical Security Consultant

Our Business

Founded in 2020, Nimbus Red is a security and risk consultancy based in Scotland. 

Our parent company, Nimbus Blue is an IT services provider that has been operating since 2010. Through the work at Nimbus Blue, we have identified a need for businesses to assess and address security as a business conversation. 

Security is often seen as an IT conversation, yet the expertise and solutions are very different.

Nimbus Red addresses this gap for its clients by giving visibility of likely security exposure across their company’s assets. Our consultancy services are designed to help businesses mature their security posture, reducing their business risks.

Why We Launched Nimbus Red

Our Values

We are built on integrity. It is the only foundation for meaningful long-term relationships

We create, build and nurture relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners.

We value innovation as a crucial part of maintaining a competitive advantage for our clients.

We take pride as individuals and as a team in all work we do for our clients, so we always do our best work.

We achieve our goals because our team together is much greater than the sum of its parts. 

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